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Access Adspot's diverse viewers to connect with your audience and gain meaningful insights about your brand.

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Set a list of questions you want users to answer about your brand, its products and services.

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Get responses to your questions to uncover insights about your brand and filter reviewers by various demographics criteria like age, gender, area and occupation.

Discover Insights

We made it easy to export results, create reports and share them with your team. Metrics like impressions, ratings and their averages are calculated automatically. You can export all of this data to create your reports quickly and easily, so you have more time to generate insights and propose solutions.

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What Our Customers are Saying

AdSpot is a much needed platform in Nigeria, the idea that I could rate an ad and make money from it is just epic.

Victoria Sunday

Product Manager at Comnavig

I never thought that one day, I’d look forward to intentionally watching an ad. But I’m here for it.



This platform is so good for the likes of us that spend most of our time online.


Content Manager

This is so easy to use and navigate, I’m really impressed.


Content Creator